Monday, 19 September 2011

Intimacy or Intensity

It is the Lord’s desire, and ours, that we have an intimate relationship with Him. He wants, and we want, to move progressively deeper into His love. We want to spend time ‘snuggling-up’ to the Jesus and to feel his passion for all mankind (including ourselves) as we listen to his heart beating with a rhythm that says, ‘I love you’.
However, the devil, who doesn’t want us to get that close to Jesus, tries to deceive us by luring us into the flesh where our vain attempts at intimacy with Jesus become white-knuckled intensity that frustrates us and gets us into a bad place with ourselves and with those around us.
The devil counterfeits intimacy with intensity. If we chill and relax (chillax), the Lord will draw us with cords of love into the place that we both desire to be. Let’s enjoy Jesus and the richness of our relationship with Him.

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