Saturday, 31 March 2012

The Genevieve Project Update April 2012

The Genevieve Project
You can feed and educate an African child for
3.23 GBP = 5.18 USD per month per child
Genevieve, a former nun, is a teacher in a one-roomed building in the poor area on the edge of Kilgoris in Kisii Lands on the western side of Kenya.
Since August 2011 TheWayCM have been supporting her project. She feeds and teaches around seventy pre-school children from dysfunctional families that have been destroyed by drugs and alcohol. She does not receive enough money to pay the rent, buy the food or receive a salary.
Can you help? You can send money by text now (UK ONLY) - Text this message: TWCM40£10 (or £5, £4, £3, £2, £1) to this number: 70070 or donate here
A group has been formed to oversee the project and TheWayCM's Apostolic Overseer for Kenya will work closely with Genevieve to manage the funds properly.
Thank you.
Make a donation here:

Where your money goes
1. House rent per month is *kshs 2000
2. School Rent per month is kshs 2000
3. Salary for head teacher is kshs 3000 per month
4. Salary for three extra teachers is kshs 9000 per month
5. Total per month: kshs 16,000 = (without food) Three Months = kshs 48,000

6. Food for 70 children is kshs 14,000 per month so for three months it is kshs 42,000

Total Expenditure April to June 2012: kshs 48,000+kshs 42,000 = kshs 90,000 = 678 *GBP  = 1,086 *USD (with food from April until the end of June 2012)

Today’s rate of exchange, shows a sum total of kshs 360,000.00  = 2,712 GBP = 4,343  USD per annum (12 months) for the education and food every day for 70 children.
This equates to kshs 5,150 per annum per child (approx);
38.80 GBP = 62.12
USD per annum or
3.23 GBP = 5.18 USD per month per child.
*kshs = Kenyan Shillings
*GBP = Great Britain Pounds
*USD = United States Dollars

Monday, 26 March 2012

Foreword for McKenzie's Companion

Order your copy now:
Congratulations! What you hold in your hands is a potentially life changing tool written by one of the most gifted teachers currently in worldwide ministry. Let me explain….

As we read through and study McKenzie’s Companion/Who is McKenzie?, obvious and not so obvious character flaws are addressed as seen through McKenzie. While some books like to “study” the character itself, Stanway uses his character as a focal point to lead his readers into self-awareness. It is not good enough to see McKenzie’s flaws alone;
we must be aware of our own personal shortcomings and address those in order to see true spiritual growth.

While McKenzie the character is entertaining, there is a deeper truth to grasp through this series; without God, there is no order to our lives. Stanway accentuates this message by designing the covers to represent the disorder and chaos present when God is absent. Yet, even as a set, they are still distinguishable as individual books. While both books are designed in one user-friendly format, it makes for a perfect and convenient study series to be used on an individual or corporate level. 

It’s been a year now since I met Peter Stanway, and that meeting altered the course of my life forever. What I was introduced to is a passionate man with an unquenchable hunger to see the spiritually poor of the world come to know and embrace God’s truth. It became clear to me that Christianity is more than just a label to Stanway as he applies every ounce of spiritual stamina to share the good news about God’s love. Because teaching discipleship is a way of life already for Stanway, it is a natural reflection of his ministry to write a book of this substance. He believes in the message of hope, and what other word could fully embrace the revelation of this good news?      

If the concepts that are presented are not only contemplated but then put into action, McKenzie’s Companion/Who is McKenzie? becomes a life changing guide. When you consider that the author is gifted in discipleship and driven with a unique passion for his readers to know and live by truth, you understand why this book becomes one of the most accredited personal study tools available.         

As God clearly led Stanway to write a powerful spiritual guide that can implement change, may you, the reader, embrace the truth that without God there is disorder. Through God, however, all things have purpose, direction and yes, perfect symmetry.           

Mary Nichelson Editor, Journalist, Talk Show Host – Atlanta, Georgia USA

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Monday, 12 March 2012

Coming Soon

This is the final cover of McKenzie's Companion about to be released any time now: McKenzie’s Companion is a collection of short, easy to read devotionals that can be read by Christians for personal edification or by curious non-Christians as an exploration of selected scriptures from the bible.

Who is McKenzie? introduces us to the remarkable McKenzie character. We travel the globe and enter into the fascinating world of McKenzie. It gives us an overview of his enthralling life. McKenzie is intriguing, upright, fearful but hopeful……The truth is that there is a bit of McKenzie in all of us and a bit of all of us in McKenzie.

 Read together, the reader will discover the scriptural context of McKenzie’s scenarios in Who is McKenzie? and, hopefully, through that, will see how Jesus Christ can be relevant, if not essential, in their own lives.

Group or Individual Study

The chapters of both McKenzie books co-relate to each other; in each book, chapter one lines up with chapter one, chapter two with chapter two….and so on. For group or individual study I have included three pertinent questions on a fresh page after each chapter of McKenzie’s Companion leaving about one-third of the page blank under each question for the answers.
There are some completely blank pages around the middle of the book for personal notes.
With fifty chapters, at one per week, this book will take a year to complete (allowing for two weeks off).....

Friday, 9 March 2012


GlobalTFL are looking to raise up 50 Mentors to oversee 1,000 students...are you interested?:

Walk Worthy

Jim Kinson - Gist Contributor

Enjoy the latest Gist from our newest contributor, Jim Kinson (USA):

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Urdu Foundations Course Module 2

Urdu Foundations Course Module 2:

The second part of TheWayCM's Foundations course, 'Baptism in the Holy Spirit' - Part of our Online Christian Discipleship Course - GlobalTFL:

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Water droplets make this insect look twice the size

They say its a bugs life, but a collection of new photos sheds a new light on the secret life of an insect.
Ondrej Pakan, from Myjava, Slovakia, captured the stunning series of microscopic insects following a downpour. Read more:

Do Not Be Deceived

Do not be deceived: Rick Warren, Islam, and the Real Issue:

Eric Barger is one of the most knowledgeable defenders of the faith on the Christian scene today. Equally important, he is a down-to-earth effective communicator who is able to make complex ideas understandable to the average person. But even more important is the fact that everything he has to offer is thoroughly grounded in the Word of God.

Read what Rick Warren has to say: