Saturday, 31 March 2012

The Genevieve Project Update April 2012

The Genevieve Project
You can feed and educate an African child for
3.23 GBP = 5.18 USD per month per child
Genevieve, a former nun, is a teacher in a one-roomed building in the poor area on the edge of Kilgoris in Kisii Lands on the western side of Kenya.
Since August 2011 TheWayCM have been supporting her project. She feeds and teaches around seventy pre-school children from dysfunctional families that have been destroyed by drugs and alcohol. She does not receive enough money to pay the rent, buy the food or receive a salary.
Can you help? You can send money by text now (UK ONLY) - Text this message: TWCM40£10 (or £5, £4, £3, £2, £1) to this number: 70070 or donate here
A group has been formed to oversee the project and TheWayCM's Apostolic Overseer for Kenya will work closely with Genevieve to manage the funds properly.
Thank you.
Make a donation here:

Where your money goes
1. House rent per month is *kshs 2000
2. School Rent per month is kshs 2000
3. Salary for head teacher is kshs 3000 per month
4. Salary for three extra teachers is kshs 9000 per month
5. Total per month: kshs 16,000 = (without food) Three Months = kshs 48,000

6. Food for 70 children is kshs 14,000 per month so for three months it is kshs 42,000

Total Expenditure April to June 2012: kshs 48,000+kshs 42,000 = kshs 90,000 = 678 *GBP  = 1,086 *USD (with food from April until the end of June 2012)

Today’s rate of exchange, shows a sum total of kshs 360,000.00  = 2,712 GBP = 4,343  USD per annum (12 months) for the education and food every day for 70 children.
This equates to kshs 5,150 per annum per child (approx);
38.80 GBP = 62.12
USD per annum or
3.23 GBP = 5.18 USD per month per child.
*kshs = Kenyan Shillings
*GBP = Great Britain Pounds
*USD = United States Dollars

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