Sunday, 24 March 2013

Update 2013

My New Art Website is now live: Your feedback is, as always, much appreciated. All the 'creative' sites are now linked-up:
You can 'like' and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

I have opened an Art Shop where you can see and buy my current collection of Digital Pigment Prints:

I have sent Impression Sunset 1 (link) to the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in London. Please pray that it will be selected, prominently hung and that it will sell. Thank you.

The Spanish translation of my autobiography is now going through the final proof read before going to print. It will be launched at the inaugurations of my Spanish Art Exhibitions this summer (2013).

All three of my titles Wee Boys from Glasgow Don't Cry (English and Spanish), Who is McKenzie?, and McKenzie's Companion will be available as eBooks from April 2013. They can be purchased from:

Israel, Stephanie and Malachi are doing very well. They are loving their new house and Israel is thriving in his post as the Children and Youth Development Worker at Cornerstone Family Church in Stourport-on-Severn. Stephanie has secured a post as a Neo-Natal Nurse (specializing in premature babies) at Worcester General Hospital starting in June 2013. Malachi is coming along by leaps and bounds. He is in the normal weight category for children his age and is no longer classified as a premature baby. Hallelujah!