Saturday, 25 February 2012

McKenzie's Companion and Who is McKenzie? Package - two books in one (available Spring 2012)

Although we were unaware of it, without Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour, we all lived our lives upside down and back to front.

The McKenzie Books Package
Both of the McKenzie books now come as one book with each to be read separately from the front to the middle. That means that the cover of McKenzie’s Companion, will become the ‘back cover’ upside down of Who is McKenzie?

My reasoning is that I want the two books to have their own identity. The reader should know that these are two separate books that can be read on their own or together. In fact Who is McKenzie? will still be available as a stand alone, separate book to give to non-Christian friends and family members.

However, the new two books together come with clear introductions along with a suggested way to read/use them at the beginning of each book.
The general purpose of each book is to take the reader on a journey into Christ. Who is McKenzie? is an introduction to the character of McKenzie that will prepare the reader for McKenzie novels to follow. My hope is that, ultimately, it will lead non-Christians to Christ.

McKenzie’s Companion is a collection of short, easy to read devotionals that can be read by Christians for personal edification or by curious non-Christians as an exploration of selected scriptures from the bible. Read together, the reader will discover the scriptural context of McKenzie’s scenarios and, hopefully, through that, will see how Jesus Christ can be relevant, if not essential, in their own lives.

Group or Individual Study
For group or individual study I have included three pertinent questions that relate to both correlating McKenzie chapters from each book. The chapters of both McKenzie books relate to each other; chapter one lines up with chapter one, chapter two with chapter two….and so on, in each book.
I have placed the three questions on a fresh page after each chapter of McKenzie’s Companion leaving about one-third of the page blank under each question for the answers. In this way, the book (containing both McKenzie books) will also become the workbook for group or individual study. There are some blank pages around the middle of the book for personal notes.
With fifty chapters, at one per week, the ‘course’ will take a year to complete (allowing for two weeks off).
Pre-order the new McKenzie package – two books in one for ONLY £9.99 here:
I am hopeful that some readers will progress onto the full online *GlobalTFL course. Currently we are praying that the Lord will raise up 50 Mentors who will oversee 1,000 online GlobalTFL students. Please add your prayers to ours.

* GlobalTFL link:


Thursday, 23 February 2012

Putting the Finishing Touches to our Training for Life Centre in Multan, Pakistan

TheWayCM's Apostolic Team in Pakistan are busy putting the finishing touches to our brand new Training for Life Centre in Multan, Pakistan.
The TFL Centre will be opened for students before the end of February 2012. We will start with 35 students but that number is expected to grow quickly.

Would you like to support this strategic work and help us to make discples out of Christians throughout Pakistan? To give any amount please click this link: 

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Watch TheWayCM TV

Watch TheWayCM TV now:

TheWayCMTV aims to promote the truth of Christianity on a multimedia platform of excellence. We want to be relevant and pertinent in the 21st century pointing the way to eternal salvation and an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ

Sunday, 12 February 2012

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The purpose of ONLINE GlobalTFL is to make disciples out of Christians in fulfilment of the Great Commission. Let's get ready, Jesus is coming back soon!

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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

McKenzie's Companion

'McKenzie's Companion' is nearing completion.... McKenzie’s Companion provides illuminating and life-changing insight into the word of God, the bible; nuggets of short, succinct, easy to apply teachings.
McKenzie’s Companion can stand alone as a devotional aid or it can be read in conjunction with Who is McKenzie? Each chapter in both books harmonise.
McKenzie's Companion will give you deeper insight into McKenzie’s magnanimous life and show how scripture is applied in context.

Whatever way you choose to use McKenzie’s Companion, your life will be enriched and nourished by the power of God’s word:

Monday, 6 February 2012

Support TheWayCM

Thank You
We know that these are financially challenging times. Some of our supporters have had to reduced their monthly support and others have had to temporarily stop giving. However, we are asking you to take a step of faith to help support the work of TheWayCM. Any amount that you give as a one-off donation or as a regular monthly gift will be a tremendous help to us.

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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Contributors - your copy of the Gist

New regular Gists from our team of GlobalTFL Mentors...
Follow this link: Contributors - your copy of the Gist

Saturday, 4 February 2012

TFL Centre Multan Pakistan Grand Opening February 20th 2012

The day is drawing closer for the Grand Opening of our Training for Life Centre in Multan Pakistan – the first EVER Christian bible college in that city.
Some amazing help has already come is but there is still a shortfall. Can you help? Any amount will make a BIG difference. Make a donation here:
Thank you.

TFL Centre Multan Pakistan
Grand Opening February 20th 2012

Exchange rate:
10,000.00 PKR (Pakistani Rupees) = 72.39 GBP / 110.68 USD / 87.30 EUR


Internet – Paid (initial set-up)
PC – Already Provided!
Office Desk and Chair – 10,000 PKR
25 Chairs – 37,500 PKR
White Board – 2,500 PKR
Set up costs = 50,000 rupees 
(50,000.00 PKR = 349.76 GBP / 599.87 USD / 420.40 EUR)


Building Rent - 10000 PKR
Internet monthly - 1620 PKR
Utility Bills - 3000 PKR
Principal/Overseer Apostle Asher - 10,000 PKR
Monthly running costs = 25000 rupees
(25,000.00 PKR = 180.97 GBP / 553.16 USD / 218.26 EUR)

Grand total needed for 20th February 2012:
75,000 PKR = 524.64 GBP / 829.74 USD / 630.60 EUR
Thank you

Friday, 3 February 2012

WH Smith Glasgow

WH Smith in Argyle Street, Glasgow now stock Peter Stanway books.
You can buy Wee Boys from Glasgow Don't Cry and Who is Mckenzie? direct from this WH Smith bookshop.

You can also order the books online from any of the online bookstores listed below or direct from