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Rev Media Podcast - The Ministry of the Truth

This week we take a look at the truth. Jesus Christ is The Truth. Christians are the manifestation of this Truth. How do we outwork His Truth in us to make His Truth known to everyone around us?.....
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The French Podcast - McKenzie dans l'intimité

McKenzie dans l'intimité:

Jesus – The Lover of Our Soul

Song of Solomon 2:10-12……My beloved spoke and said to me, “Arise, my darling, my beautiful one, come with me. See! The winter is past; the rains are over and gone. Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come, the cooing of doves is heard in our land.”
The sometimes racy and definitely sensuous, Song of Solomon, is the bible’s love poem. It is an allegory of God’s love for Israel. For our purposes, as Christians, it is and allegory of the love between Jesus Christ and his bride to be, the church (Ephesians 5: 22-23).
In the portion that we are looking at here, ‘my beloved’ is Jesus and He is speaking to Christians everywhere. Remember, Jesus is the Lover of our soul and this is the time of our courtship. There is a marriage feast being prepared in heaven and we, born again Christian believers, are the bride.
Jesus is speaking to us all the time and in this passage He is wooing us. When we hear him speak to us there is excitement within us and our hearts beat faster. Jesus loves us, we are His ‘darling’, his ‘beautiful one’.
When we are with Jesus, the wintertime of our lives is past; the rainy days are over and gone. Now, with our Lover, our Lord, flowers blossom all around us. We want to sing for joy and nature itself joins with us in jubilant adulation and worship.
Jesus wants to raise us up to our full stature, to ‘arise’ as His betrothed for us to see what He has done for us and to know how much He loves us..
Oh, Lord Jesus, thank you for loving us the way you do. Amen.
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Complementary Gist and McKenzie

The McKenzie Chronicles
The weekly McKenzie stories will, in time, become a book. Hopefully, a wide range of people (Christians and non-Christians) from diverse cultures and countries will identify in some way with the central character, McKenzie. Therefore, the implication is that, you or I can empathise with elements and aspects of McKenzie life. As the weeks go by, we will get to know him better….
The McKenzie Commentaries and the Gist
Up until now, the McKenzie stories have been going out under the Gist banner on the Gist page of our website. Strictly speaking they are not Gists, therefore, from now on, an exposition of the scripture verse used in the McKenzie story, like a commentary on that verse, will become the weekly Gist. McKenzie will have his own page on our website. A link from the McKenzie story will take those who want to, into the Gist page and from the Gist page to the McKenzie story. The bridge between the two will be the scripture from the bible that is used in both.
The Gist:

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McKenzie Listens Hard

McKenzie sat sipping his piping-hot mint tea. There wasn’t too much tea in the small chunky tumbler on account of it being crammed full of fresh mint leaves and far too much sugar. He sat at a wobbly table surrounded by a variety of leathery faced, deeply browned and near toothless men who all looked, at least, twice their age.
They babbled away in a thick Arabic dialect making sure that they kept their conversation secret from uninvited ears. Sucking habitually on their shared hookah pipe, they took no notice of McKenzie’s curious gaze.
Marrakech, nestled into the foothills of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains in southern Morocco, is a bizarre place. Sitting at this shabby little café, McKenzie had a commanding view over Djema el Fna, the main square of the old city.
Everywhere he looked, McKenzie could feast his eyes on a vast array of extraordinary delights. Alive with the buzz of tourists and locals alike, the square was a hive of activity day and night. There was never any shortage of fascinating entertainment.
Despite the huge diversity of acts to watch and tempting food to eat there was one particular activity that captured McKenzie’s undivided attention; the storyteller. Like a talking newspaper from the High Atlas, these specially trained and skilled orators came into the city every few months to tell their news. More popular than the snake-charmers, acrobats and fire-eaters, the crowds flocked to glean news of their distant relatives who lived secluded among the nomadic Berbers.
McKenzie was especially interested in news of Kahina; a young noblewoman who was betrothed to a ruthless Lord of the Atlas, a survivor from the infamous House of Glaoua.
He strained his ears to hear, although the swelling crowd was hushed and hanging on every word, he still found it challenging to follow the strong Tamazight accent. Suddenly, like the sound of a finger-flick on a pure crystal glass, her name hung in the air resonating above the dusty crowd. It was as he had feared, Kahina was pregnant….
Song of Solomon 2:10-12……My beloved spoke and said to me, “Arise, my darling, my beautiful one, come with me. See! The winter is past; the rains are over and gone. Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come, the cooing of doves is heard in our land.”
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Your Name in Christ

This week we look at the new identity that every born again believer in Christ Jesus has as a new creation in Him. We are no longer who we used to be but we are now all that we have become in Jesus......
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The Latest Gist - At Home with McKenzie

The Latest Gist - At Home with McKenzie:
At Home with McKenzie
Most of what was on television was mind-numbing rubbish but, on occasion, that was just what McKenzie needed! Not tonight, however. He had spent a very underwhelming day and was looking for stimulation. In contrast, McKenzie's wife had been driving here and there throughout her busy day and she was ready for mindless, unstimulating TV to help her unwind and slow down.
When he could stand it no more, McKenzie let his mind wander into the nooks and crannies of his memories looking for what he could find there..….
Maria sat down on the vacant seat at McKenzie’s table, her back as straight as a poker. The slim good-looking waiter, no more than a boy, arrived instantly and slowly eyed Maria up and down. He deliberately licked his lips and almost imperceptibly pushed-out his still-forming hips in Maria’s direction.
‘Por favor’, said McKenzie, unheard. Coughing far-too-loudly, he said it again.
‘Perdóneme’, the waiter said abstractly not taking his eyes off Maria’s pursed lips.
‘Dos cafes con leche’, said McKenzie, obviously annoyed at the distinct lack of attention he was being given.
‘Ahora mismo’, said the boy with the voice of a trained Hollywood actor as he drifted off in slow-motion into the café. If it was a movie, the camera would have cut from the waiter to a close-up of Maria’s captivating face, her eyelids dropping coyly to conceal a delicate blush on her impeccable cheeks then dissolving into a misty filter and cut.
However, this was not a movie set per se, it was every inch real life and in this seduction race it was neck-and-neck between Maria and the waiter. The question was; who was the seducer and who was being seduced?
The whole scenario made McKenzie sick to the pit of his stomach. If he could have been anywhere else, he would have. Right now there was a job to be done and his part was to delicately extract the information he had been sent to get and deliver it, post-haste, to his employers on the coast.
2 Peter 3:3 says…..Above all, you must understand that in the last days scoffers will come, scoffing and following their own evil desires.

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McKenzie et les méfaits du temps!

McKenzie et les méfaits du temps!:
McKenzie et les méfaits du temps!
Voilà un moment qu'il attendait dans la voiture et ses pieds s 'étaient transformés en blocs de glace .Bien qu'il fasse moins 14°C dehors , il n'avait pas souvenir d'avoir été autant affecté par le froid . Sans doute les effets de l'âge ! Et chaque année la désagréable impression que le froid était plus mordant .
Pour ce qui le concernait ,Mckenzie n'aimait pas cette idée du temps qui passe . Il se sentait encore jeune et les souvenirs du passé lui revenaient comme si c'était hier !Il détestait le froid et se prit à rêver du temps où il vivait dans des contrées plus chaudes.
En vérité , McKenzie vieillissait !Il n' était pas vieux ,et pourtant il avait du mal à faire maintenant ce qu'il faisait avant . Il ne se sentait plus au top . Peut-être que s'il faisait un peu d'exercice , il se sentirait plus jeune . Rien que d'y penser , il se sentait fatigué ! Toutefois , il se devait de faire attention pour lui-même et aussi pour ceux qui comptaient sur lui . Il se sentit coupable de ce manque de responsabilité et prit la résolution de faire mieux à l'avenir .
« Vous ne vous appartenez point à vous-mêmes ; car vous avez été rachetés à un grand prix. » ( I Corinthiens 6 : 19- 20 ).
Qu'est ce qui pouvait bien la retenir? Il soupira et exhala un nuage de fumée . Il décida de sortir de la voiture pour se dégourdir un peu les jambes . Il sentit aussitôt le froid qui lui piquait les oreilles et le nez , son esprit était obsédé par les morsures du froid .
Il n'y avait rien à faire , il il allait devoir marcher à vive allure pour activer sa circulation .Il ne pouvait pas aller bien loin , il ne connaissait pas Moscou et ses environs .Toutefois il était sûr d'une chose : dès qu'il le pourrait ,il achèterait une « ushanka » en fourrure pour avoir la tête et les oreilles au chaud!
Le vrombissement d'une voiture le fit faire volte face . Aucune voiture à l'horizon. Son regard alors tomba sur la silhouette désarticulée de son contact , Helga ,qui gisait à une vingtaine de mètres , le visage dans la neige . Une flaque de sang rouge s'étalait sous elle et , dilué à la neige, serpentait jusqu'à lui …...

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Qu'est-ce que çà change?

Qu'est-ce que çà change?:

Qu'est-ce que çà change?

McKenzie fixa , ébahi, le chaos et la misère qui s'étendaient devant lui . Une odeur fétide de décomposition lui donna la nausée . Que pouvait-il bien faire ?
Et par où commencer ?

Aux abords de Nairobi au Kenya , le bidonville de Njenga , abritait environ un million de réfugiés marginalisés . McKenzie considéra l'ampleur de la tâche qui s'offrait à lui , et se rappela alors l'histoire que son père lui avait raconté lorsqu'il était petit garçon .

Un autre petit garçon , à peu près de son âge , marchait le long d'une plage à marée basse . Le bord de l'eau était jonché de détritus , vestiges du violent orage de la veille . Et au milieu de tous ces détritus , des centaines d'étoiles de mer moribondes !

Le petit garçon se pencha , prit une étoile de mer et doucement , la remit à l'eau . Il poursuivit sa marche et continua à prendre au hasard des étoiles de mer pour les remettre à la mer . Un homme plus âgé , qui se promenait aussi ,vit ce que le petit garçon faisait . D'un ton bourru , il lui fit remarquer qu'il y avait bien trop d' étoiles de mer à sauver , que la tâche était impossible et qu'il ferait mieux d'abandonner .

« Qu'est-ce que çà change? » lui dit-il
« Pas grand'chose pour beaucoup d'entre elles ! Par contre , çà change sûrement quelque chose pour celles que je remets à l'eau ! »

Mackenzie comprit ce qu'il devait faire dans ce bidonville . Il commencerait par une personne et ferait en sorte de résoudre son problème ... Et ainsi de suite les unes après les autres essaierait d'en aider autant qu'il pourrait .

Proverbes 11 : 30 dit ….... « Le fruit du juste est un arbre de vie ; et le sage s'empare des âmes. »

McKenzie confronta la seducción

McKenzie confronta la seducción:

McKenzie confronta la seducción

La fuerte lluvia golpeaba constantemente los escalones de la catedral convirtiendo el polvo en barro y a continuación lavándolo. En España y lloviendo – ¡no lo que estaba esperando! McKenzie se sentó bajo el toldo de un café situado a un lado de una preciosa plaza y absorto en sus pensamientos sorbió su café con leche. Normalmente habría saboreado ese momento mientras se entretenía en su pasatiempo favorito: observar a la gente; pero la plaza empedrada, que ahora estaba limpia y traicionera, estaba casi desierta.

McKenzie se fijó en el coche de caballos que esperaba en vano a los turistas. Como una estatua, la yegua alazana permanecía completamente inmóvil aparentando gozar de ese respiro y felizmente inconsciente del mal tiempo fuera de temporada. Tostado por el sol, el cochero gitano, permanecía sentado en el pescante envuelto en un poncho de plástico de un color brillante que recogía el goteo de su sombrero obscuro de ala dura, que a su vez protegía el cigarrillo de Ducados que ardía lentamente entre sus sardónicos y silenciosos labios.

¿Guardaría ella su cita? ¿Estaba molesto? McKenzie había desarrollado una innata fe en Dios que le daba la confianza para creer que no importa lo que pasara, todo obraría para lo mejor. ¿Estaba molesto? En absoluto. Sin embargo, cuando María López de las Flores apareció en la acera estrecha del otro lado de la plaza, su corazón emitió un latido de emoción. Había un aire de elegancia y sofisticación igual que con las dos hermanas que acompañaban a María dondequiera que iba.

McKenzie escrutó cada centímetro de ella cuando se le acercó. Su cabello negro azabache fuertemente echado atrás de su pálido rostro escultural; sus ojos obscuros como profundos pozos misteriosos, y sus labios ligeramente rojos, perfectamente complementados por su manto carmesí colgando meticulosamente de sus hombros echados atrás como la capa de un orgulloso matador después de una exitosa faena…. Ella desprendía confianza. Tendría que pisar muy cuidadosamente con ella.

Se puso de pie mientras llegaba. María cerró sus ojos avellanos ante la mirada azul de McKenzie. Ella extendió su mano para que el la recibiera. Tomando el guante negro de fina piel de becerro con la punta de sus dedos, se inclinó lentamente para besar su enguantada mano delicada y elegantemente perfumada.

“Encantado”, dijo McKenzie con una amplia sonrisa. “Gracias por venir”.
“El placer es mío”. La voz de María resonaba desde su diafragma como un tesoro que había estado oculto hasta ahora. Sus dientes brillaban aunque no había sol. Ella radiaba su propia luz.

“Tranquilo” musitaba McKenzie, convencido de que María podía leer sus pensamientos….

…Lo rindió con la suavidad de sus muchas palabras, le obligó con la zalamería de sus labios. Al punto se marchó tras ella, como va el buey al degolladero, y como el necio a las prisiones para ser castigado…. (Proverbios 7:21-22)

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McKenzie Feels His Age

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McKenzie Feels His Age

As McKenzie sat waiting in the car, his feet turned to blocks of ice. Even although it was minus fourteen degrees Celsius outside, he couldn't remember the cold weather affecting him this much. Maybe he was simply getting older and with each passing year the cold penetrated deeper into his bones.

McKenzie didn't like to think of himself as getting old. He still felt young at heart and his memories of bygone days were as vivid as the day they happened. He hated the cold weather and day-dreamed of the times he had lived in hotter countries.

In truth, McKenzie was getting older. He wasn't an old man although he struggled to do the things he used to. He was unfit. Maybe if he exercised he would feel younger, but the thought of all that hard work exhausted him just thinking about it! However, he owed it to himself and he owed it to the people who depended on him. He felt guilty about his lack of responsibility. He resolved to do better in the future.

You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honour God with your bodies.
(1 Corinthians 6:19-20).

What was keeping her? He sighed and his breath turned to vapour. He decided to get out of the car in order to stand up and straighten his legs. Instantly, the frost attacked his ears and nose and thoughts of frostbite invaded his mind.

There was nothing else for it; he would have to go for a brisk walk in an attempt to get his circulation going. He couldn’t go far because, as yet, he was unfamiliar with Moscow and its ways. Of one thing, however, he was adamant; as soon as he could, he would buy himself a furry ushanka to keep his head and ears warm!

The sound of a car back-firing instinctively made McKenzie spin around. There were no cars to be seen. At once, his eyes were drawn to the crumpled shape of his contact, Helga, lying just ten metres away, face-down in yesterday’s snow. A crimson pool of blood oozed from underneath her, melting a sinister path towards him……

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Rev Media Podcast - Come Before You Go

Happy New Year for 2011,
The latest Episode from the Rev Media Podcast is entitled ‘Come Before You Go’
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This week we look at the importance of coming to the Lord, to spend time with Him, before we go about doing His will.....
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Every blessing,
Peter (on behalf of the Rev Media Podcast).

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McKenzie tiene un encuentro

Podcast - McKenzie tiene un encuentro:

Mackenzie abrió sus ojos de par en par, tan abiertos como es posible. Estaba completamente consciente. Sin embargo su sueño continuaba en un brillante tecnicolor. Ahí, delante de él, estaba un hombre, increíblemente bien parecido, que parecía emanar una luz clara y brillante. Su cabello, largo hasta los hombros, era luminoso, aparentando tener un halo alrededor de su cabeza.

La luz, aunque poderosa no era cegadora, tenía un aspecto translúcido que brillaba como una tenue niebla, revelando el espectro completo de un magnífico arco iris circunvalando alrededor de su inesperado visitante.

McKenzie se sentía flotando, rebosante de gozo. El rostro de su visitante brillaba con una ancha y amistosa sonrisa mostrando unos dientes blancos como perlas. Sus ojos se arrugaban con líneas de simpatía.
“La paz sea contigo”, dijo con una voz que parecía una catarata. Un remanso de paz, el cual Mackenzie nunca antes había sentido, le inundó.
“Soy tu amigo”. Al instante Mackenzie sintió como su corazón se derretía, y una confianza absoluta mezclada con una tremenda adulación brotaron de lo mas profundo de su ser. Nunca había sentido tal amor para nada ni para nadie. Mackenzie estaba paralizado.
“Yo estoy contigo siempre” Oyó Mackenzie mientras observaba los poderosos brazos abiertos de su amigo. Sus graciosos movimientos flotantes creaban en el aire líneas obscuras que ocultaban su luz radiante. Un caleidoscopio de colores se derramaba sobre el rostro elevado de McKenzie. Sabía que su nuevo compañero le amaba tanto como para morir por el. Su corazón latía tan fuertemente que pensaba se iba a quemar. Mientras permanecía con la boca abierta, su nuevo amigo comenzó a evaporarse entre la bruma etérea y fue desapareciendo en la atmósfera que estaba impregnada con su presencia.
McKenzie permaneció contemplativo en el espacio vacio que había sido temporalmente ocupado por el ser mas glorioso que jamás había visto. Su mente no podía abarcar todo esto, pero en su interior, sabía que no tenía nada que temer desde ese momento. El sonido del silencio le envolvía mientras lentamente regresaba a su vida normal; su corazón seguía latiendo con fuerza en su pecho.
“Gracias”, dijo en voz alta a su amigo. Mackenzie estaba tan abrumado que pensaba que iba a explotar de gratitud.
“Gracias McKenzie”, sonó la respuesta, como un murmullo suave que le llevó al sueño mas placentero que había jamás tenido..
Mateo 28:20 dice…….”He aquí yo estoy contigo todos los días hasta el fin del mundo”
McKenzie tiene un encuentro: