Friday, 21 January 2011

Complementary Gist and McKenzie

The McKenzie Chronicles
The weekly McKenzie stories will, in time, become a book. Hopefully, a wide range of people (Christians and non-Christians) from diverse cultures and countries will identify in some way with the central character, McKenzie. Therefore, the implication is that, you or I can empathise with elements and aspects of McKenzie life. As the weeks go by, we will get to know him better….
The McKenzie Commentaries and the Gist
Up until now, the McKenzie stories have been going out under the Gist banner on the Gist page of our website. Strictly speaking they are not Gists, therefore, from now on, an exposition of the scripture verse used in the McKenzie story, like a commentary on that verse, will become the weekly Gist. McKenzie will have his own page on our website. A link from the McKenzie story will take those who want to, into the Gist page and from the Gist page to the McKenzie story. The bridge between the two will be the scripture from the bible that is used in both.
The Gist:

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