Saturday, 8 January 2011

McKenzie Feels His Age

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McKenzie Feels His Age

As McKenzie sat waiting in the car, his feet turned to blocks of ice. Even although it was minus fourteen degrees Celsius outside, he couldn't remember the cold weather affecting him this much. Maybe he was simply getting older and with each passing year the cold penetrated deeper into his bones.

McKenzie didn't like to think of himself as getting old. He still felt young at heart and his memories of bygone days were as vivid as the day they happened. He hated the cold weather and day-dreamed of the times he had lived in hotter countries.

In truth, McKenzie was getting older. He wasn't an old man although he struggled to do the things he used to. He was unfit. Maybe if he exercised he would feel younger, but the thought of all that hard work exhausted him just thinking about it! However, he owed it to himself and he owed it to the people who depended on him. He felt guilty about his lack of responsibility. He resolved to do better in the future.

You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honour God with your bodies.
(1 Corinthians 6:19-20).

What was keeping her? He sighed and his breath turned to vapour. He decided to get out of the car in order to stand up and straighten his legs. Instantly, the frost attacked his ears and nose and thoughts of frostbite invaded his mind.

There was nothing else for it; he would have to go for a brisk walk in an attempt to get his circulation going. He couldn’t go far because, as yet, he was unfamiliar with Moscow and its ways. Of one thing, however, he was adamant; as soon as he could, he would buy himself a furry ushanka to keep his head and ears warm!

The sound of a car back-firing instinctively made McKenzie spin around. There were no cars to be seen. At once, his eyes were drawn to the crumpled shape of his contact, Helga, lying just ten metres away, face-down in yesterday’s snow. A crimson pool of blood oozed from underneath her, melting a sinister path towards him……

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