Monday, 12 March 2012

Coming Soon

This is the final cover of McKenzie's Companion about to be released any time now: McKenzie’s Companion is a collection of short, easy to read devotionals that can be read by Christians for personal edification or by curious non-Christians as an exploration of selected scriptures from the bible.

Who is McKenzie? introduces us to the remarkable McKenzie character. We travel the globe and enter into the fascinating world of McKenzie. It gives us an overview of his enthralling life. McKenzie is intriguing, upright, fearful but hopeful……The truth is that there is a bit of McKenzie in all of us and a bit of all of us in McKenzie.

 Read together, the reader will discover the scriptural context of McKenzie’s scenarios in Who is McKenzie? and, hopefully, through that, will see how Jesus Christ can be relevant, if not essential, in their own lives.

Group or Individual Study

The chapters of both McKenzie books co-relate to each other; in each book, chapter one lines up with chapter one, chapter two with chapter two….and so on. For group or individual study I have included three pertinent questions on a fresh page after each chapter of McKenzie’s Companion leaving about one-third of the page blank under each question for the answers.
There are some completely blank pages around the middle of the book for personal notes.
With fifty chapters, at one per week, this book will take a year to complete (allowing for two weeks off).....

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