Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Be Part of God’s Work in Pakistan

The Way Christian Ministries’ (TheWayCM) Apostolic Overseer for Pakistan, Apostle Asher, has sent me this request below. Can you help?
Two years ago he started the first ever Christian Bible College in Multan, Pakistan. The number of students has now grown to 100 and they represent 6,000 members of TheWayCM throughout Pakistan, praise God.

“Hi Apostle Peter,
I want to start class of 100 students, and I want you to teach once or twice a week. I need a speaker system urgently. Speakers that can reach100 people cost 13500 Pakistani Rupees (equivalent to £100 or $155). They come with 2 Microphones.
Thanks and blessings,
Love you,

Giving by Text
Simply text TWCM40 to 70070 and you’ll get a text straight back, asking how much you want to give. You can give ANY amount between £1 to £10. All gifts, great and small, make a difference to the work of The Way Christian Ministries ...so why not grab your phone and give it a whirl! If you prefer to give online, you can here:
Thank you.

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