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New Age Deception Review

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Saturday, August 27, 2011
New Age Deception by Peter Stanway
Peter Stanway demonstrates what the phrase "working for the Lord" means. The Way Christian Ministries is a pioneering ministry that "is intent on fulfilling the Great Commission by making disciples out of Christians." He accomplishes this through several training courses and methods. He is a successful author with yet another book, Who is McKenzie set to be released before Christmas 2011. As Director of European Development with Rev Publishing, he endeavors to add many European authors to the Rev Media portfolio. His television and radio ministries reach viewers and listeners worldwide. His schedule, I am sure, keeps him busy. Yet, there is always time for Stanway to stop and do the one thing he is notorious for; sharing his heart. The latest burden he carries is for the church and the deception that has infiltrated not only non-believers with New Age ideas, but of late, believers. It concerns Stanway that half-truths are embraced as accepted ideologies. Where as at one time this doctrine ran parallel to the church, it has intersected, causing division by deception. In his latest book, New Age Deception, Stanway blows the whistle on theologies and the ministers that teach them, and how they have compromised the truth for fear of losing their congregation. He does not expose individuals or even specific churches, yet makes a convincing argument that through the so-called liberating school of self-exploration, mind expansion, sex, drugs and rock and roll, people have found themselves in bondage to a counterfeit freedom.
Stanway is persuaded that believers can reverse the infiltration of the New Age movement with one word: discernment. "Discern in the spirit, do not judge in your mind." His final plea is to the believer, which captures the essence of his burden for the church. "Wake up Christians. This is the way, walk in it. Jesus is the truth, come to him and be free." It is a universal message that is relevant and essential.

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