Thursday, 10 November 2011

Change Someone’s Life This Christmas!

Who is McKenzie? Order Now for ONLY £7.99
In this introduction to the McKenzie series, we travel the globe and enter into the fascinating world of McKenzie.
Peter has written this book to reach those who are not Christians. In an intriguing and breath-taking diversity of adventures, the central character, McKenzie, goes through all kinds of spiritual and emotional experiences; some amazingly good, others frighteningly bad.
Page by page we are captivated and left feeling hungry for more. Not only are we questioning what will happen to McKenzie but we are faced with the same life-changing questions that we ourselves must answer......
The intriguing and mysterious McKenzie stories will appeal to a wide range of people (Christians and non-Christians) from diverse cultures and countries.
Everyone will identify in some way with the central character, but just who is McKenzie?
Who is McKenzie? will be published before Christmas 2011 but, to avoid the rush, you can order your pre-publication signed copy now!
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New Updated and Revised - Wee Boys from Glasgow Don’t Cry ONLY £9.99
Wee Boys from Glasgow Don’t Cry is a challenging real-life roller-coaster story of survival and victory. In the twilight zone of drugs and alcohol, Peter spirals deeper into a desperate lifestyle with no holds barred. On the run with another man’s wife, extreme personal transformation is just about to hit him! Completely dysfunctional from years of hedonism he is thrown a lifeline from where he last expected. With no options left, Peter grabs the outstretched hand of Jesus. The power of God knocks him to the floor. When he gets up he is totally changed. The real adventure is about to begin …..
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