Saturday, 19 November 2011

The Way Christian Ministries Expands into ALL of Pakistan

Apostle Asher
Under the apostolic oversight of Apostle Asher and his team, The Way Christian Ministries (TheWayCM) in Pakistan will be making Christian disciples throughout all of Pakistan commencing January 2012.

In 2010 the first ever Christian Bible College (Hunook Bible College) was established in the city of Multan by TheWayCM in Pakistan. The graduates from Hunook have been reaching out into Pakistan throughout 2011 and now 10 groups of 10-15 leaders in 10 major cities in Pakistan will begin receiving our Training for Life Leadership Training to equip them to oversee the growing work of TheWayCM in Pakistan. Many thousands of Christian Pakistanis will benefit from this.

Rev Peter Stanway’s ‘live’ teaching input in mainly done via an online hook-up through Skype. However, Apostle Asher’s laptop has been damaged beyond repair. He has raised half of the cost of a new one. Can you help him raise the other half? He needs 30,000 Pakistani Rupees.
With commission for transfer the amount needed is: 250 GBP or 400 USD
Any amount you can give would be a tremendous help:

You can Give by Text

Simply text TWCM40 to 70070 and you’ll get a text straight back, asking how much you want to give. You can give ANY amount between £1 to £10. All gifts, great and small, make a difference to the work of The Way Christian Ministries why not grab your phone and give it a whirl!
If you prefer to give online, you can here:

Thank you.

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