Friday, 29 June 2012


McKenzie’s Companion - a Unique Christian Discipleship Course

My brand new book is available to buy now.

McKenzie’s Companion provides illuminating and life-changing insight into the word of God; nuggets of short, succinct, easy to apply principles into what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.

McKenzie’s Companion, comes packaged with Who is McKenzie? Read together, this unique devotional course will give you a deeper insight into how scripture is applied in an everyday context.

McKenzie’s Companion will enrich and nourish your life by the power of God’s word and the Holy Spirit working together to lead you into a closer walk with Jesus….

McKenzie’s Companion (A Life Changing Journey with Jesus) is a collection of short, easy to read devotionals that can be read by Christians for personal edification or by curious non-Christians as an exploration of selected scriptures from the bible. Read together, the reader will discover the scriptural context of McKenzie’s scenarios and, hopefully, through that, will see how Jesus Christ can be relevant, if not essential, in their own lives.
Group or Individual Study
The chapters of both McKenzie books relate to each other; chapter one lines up with chapter one, chapter two with chapter two….and so on, in each book.
I have placed the three questions on a fresh page after each short devotional in McKenzie’s Companion (A Life Changing Journey with Jesus) leaving about one-third of the page blank under each question for the answers. In this way, the book will also become the workbook for group or individual study. There are some blank pages around the middle of the book for personal notes.
With fifty chapters, at one per week, the ‘course’ will take a year to complete (allowing for two weeks off).

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