Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The God of All mankind

Jeremiah 32:27…… “I am the LORD, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?”
…..all mankind, what does that mean? Surely it means everybody! The Lord God is the God of all mankind, everybody. He created us all, every one of us.
Time was when it was possible to tell the nationality of a person from the way they looked. Spaniards had sallow skin and black hair; Scandinavians had blonde hair and blue eyes. Nowadays, Spaniards can have blonde hair and blue eyes and vice-versa.
Why is that? Maybe it is because of the ease of international travel, cross-cultural relationships and the insidious erosion of our unique national identity. Most shops across Europe stock similar products. In fact, most western countries have broad similarities. Wherever tourists travel anywhere in the world, they can often enjoy, should they choose to do so, the same consumer goods as they have at home. How long will it be before countries and continents merge into one world-wide identity?
With global advertising and media being broadcast from satellites into every nook and cranny on earth, it is possible to watch the same TV programmes anywhere. The stage is set for a one-world economy that will be serviced by a one-world currency and hard on its heels, prepare for a one-world religion.
However, some things are sacrosanct and religion is one of them. In a world where indistinct and unclear national boundaries make it increasingly more difficult to define our true identity, one thing that can keep us unique, no matter where we live, is our religion.
Please note that I am saying religion, not faith. Religion is man-made and it can be used by mankind to manipulate multitudes. We must, in view of that, stand and resist being deceived by schemes that speak of a new world order.
Religion is the enemy of every Christian. We must not allow the frontiers of our faith to blur into ecumenicalism. We have to stand-up for Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the God of all mankind. There is no other way to connect with our Maker.
Will the proliferation of global communication make God more available to everyone? Undoubtedly, but be careful, this ‘God’ may not be the God of our Christian faith. Do not be deceived! Will all mankind embrace Christianity? I hear a resounding ‘no!’ from many quarters. Why not, I ask you? Is anything too hard for our God?
Lord Jesus, may all mankind reach out to you. Amen

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