Monday, 8 February 2010

Read the Instructions

Read the Instructions
Proverbs 8:33 ……. Listen to my instruction and be wise; do not ignore it.
Are you one of those people who open the package and read the instructions or are you one of those who ignore the instructions preferring to work it all out for yourself?
Sometimes the instructions are not easy to follow but, if we work out what they mean we will benefit by accomplishing what the manufacturer intended.
Sadly, some Christians have the same attitude towards the bible; the instruction manual for life. There are those who try to work it out for themselves and do not quite manage to put it together properly and there are those who read the bible, listen to the Father’s instructions, and get wise with heavenly wisdom.
Recently, at TheWayCM, we have embarked on a huge multimedia learning curve. We now have to go deeper into software programmes to find potential functionality that was hidden to us when we were doing less. As we have made progress in our multimedia development we have found wonderful treasures in our software and our equipment; functions that they can perform that we did not know were possible, instructions written in the manual that we never saw before.
The same is true of the bible, much more so. The bible was written by men who were under the inspiration of God, the Holy Spirit. As we read it, the Holy Spirit who lives in very born again believer in Jesus Christ, begins to bring us revelation and insight that unlocks our full potential.
Revelation by its nature is progressive, therefore, as we make progress in our Christian walk the bible begins to release its hidden treasures. As we apply this revelation to our lives it manifests in us as the wisdom of God.
The choice is ours; follow the Maker’s instructions and be built-up as God intended or ignore the bible and its life application and do the best we can based on our own understanding. What will you do?
Lord Jesus, thank you for doing what our Father told you. Amen

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