Sunday, 21 February 2010

I am Coming Soon

I am Coming Soon
Revelation 22:7…… “Behold, I am coming soon!”
It is no secret, Jesus Christ is coming back soon. The question is; are we ready? The answer is, sadly, no!
All the signs are there, End Times prophecy is being fulfilled on an almost daily basis yet the church, Christians at large, are apathetic and oblivious ….whatever. Even non-Christians are aware that there is an almighty shaking of the planet taking place before our very eyes. This is our wake-up call.
The word ‘soon’ in the NIV translates as ‘quickly’ in the KJV of the bible. The word ‘quickly’ in Greek, the original language of the New Testament, is ‘tachu’. ‘Tachu’ is defined as; without delay, soon or (by surprise) suddenly….the word for the instrument that records the driver’s speed in a commercial vehicle is, ‘tachometer’.
The Lord Jesus Christ is coming back with His foot going down on the accelerator pedal. He could be here anytime. If He came in the next hour would we be ready?
Is Jesus delaying His return to give us an opportunity to be ready? His tremendous grace and great mercy towards us could be why He has not yet returned. Oh yes, there are still prophecies to be outworked; events to take place, but God, in His sovereignty, could orchestrate these in the twinkling of an eye.
If you knew that Jesus was coming back in three days, what would you do to be ready? Who would you contact, who would you visit, what would you say and what would you do?
My point is that time is short, there is no time for lethargic inactivity. We should live our lives as though Jesus WAS coming back tomorrow.
Lord Jesus, please help us to be ready. Amen

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