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The Errors of the Emergent Church by Eric Barger

A Few Reasons Why You, Your Family and Your Church Need to Keep Your Bible Open...

For some time now, I have been tracking something called the "Emergent Church Movement" (also known as the "Emerging Church"). I don't want to assume that everybody here is up to speed on what I'm talking about so first, a few words of definition. At some point in the mid-1990's the moniker "Emerging Church" surfaced out of the Young Leadership Network. It came from the notion that because the culture has changed a new church should emerge in response. Claiming to be the answer to reach the so-called postmodern generation, Emergents claim to have explored all of the avenues of what the Church has historically been only to find that little or none of it satisfied them. The common bond of the Emergents was and still is a general dissatisfaction for Bible believing Christianity - though nearly all of them claim to be "Evangelicals!"

Like many in the various isms before them, Emergents set forth to tackle a seemingly noble cause. They appeared to want desperately to reach a lost generation. However, it soon became clear that no matter how zealous Emergents were, the message they offered to their target postmoderns was not the authentic biblical model. Almost before even taking flight, the Emergents veered sideways into the ditch of heretical thinking, doctrine and practice. Their unorthodox view of the Christian faith, including doctrine and solo scriptura aided in drawing many who were seeking a self-styled Christianity rather than the biblical version. Those who came early to this perilous party also brought volunteers and funding to the soon-to-be-famous heretic leaders and in the eyes of some, their very presence added credibility just because the seats were being filled on Sundays. After quickly jettisoning the constraints of biblical hermeneutics and (God forbid) sound doctrine, Emergents picked up steam (and press) as being "hip, "different" and "refreshing." In reality though "hip" transposed into "we'll accept almost anything," "different" means "far out...really far out" and "refreshing" symbolizes "any Wiccan or Buddhist will feel right at home with us."

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Unknown said...

I agree with you. The postmodern, Emerging, Emergent movement was a great Idea…

Who does not want a up close and personal relationship with Our Lord and Savior (their original reason to break away)

But, in order to break away they had to show that the “church Building” was everything holding back Worshipers from God…

Tear down the building, organization behind that building, do away with Elders, Pastors, Teachers….meet in small groups they said…

Listen to whatever rock music you want.. do what you want.. take doctrine from any part of the Bible you desire.. and do away with doctrine you do not want to deal with..

BUT, you and I know we do not dictate our terms to God…

He offers to us a convent. A way to find Salvation. The only door to that Salvation is to accept Jesus Christ.

Mercy to you friend
Steve porter

Anonymous said...

Greetings in Jesus,

Blog: The new liberal church has a nice program, enjoyable entertaiment, and fellowship which gives the people a good feeling - and empty of a true faith experience. “Worship services should be designed primarily to attract people. Rather, worship services should be designed to attract the manifest presence of God, and He in turn will attract the people.”

Quote: Steve Gaines
When God Comes To Church
B&H Publishing Group

Thought I'd share this blog from

Vancouver, Canada

And rightly said: A Few Reasons Why You, Your Family and Your Church Need to Keep Your Bible Open...