Thursday, 12 June 2008

Media Revelation

Rory and Wendy Alex, the founders of the God Channel, have become media moguls. I can remember, around 12 years ago, when they started broadcasting from their London kitchen. Such is God’s favour.

It has been a fantastic blessing to watch their development to this point where they now broadcast Christian TV into 240 nations around the world. Now, it seems, after years of trying, they are cracking open the USA Market and they are pulling out all the stops and using all their accrued acumen to do so.

The naked eye may not see the inner workings but to one who understands how the media works, it is clearly evident.

The Lakeland Outpouring has become a fantastic vehicle with which to ‘ram-raid’ the American market (and the rest of us). Night after night both God 1 and God 2 crash into our homes airing the latest developments from Florida.

The controversy that surrounds Todd Bentley keeps us tuning-in and the ‘free’ airing by the God Channel has America and the satellite TV world buzzing. Todd told us from the platform that Americans are rushing out to buy satellite dishes just to be able to tune-into Lakeland (and, of course, the God Channel).

A constant “thank-you” from the platform and the occasional prophetic promise from Wendy remind us who is making all this exposure possible.

It seems, at last, that the God Channel has arrived in America. Thank you Lord, or should that be, thank you Todd.

Here we go again …… how much is pure God and how much is media hype? Depending on how you answer begs another question; who is the power behind it, the prince of the power of the air or God Almighty? The answer to this question will be influenced by the stand you take on the question; is Todd Bentley deceived or am I deceived?

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