Saturday, 5 January 2013


2013 has arrived and with it another year to see God do great and mighty works throughout our nation and throughout the world.

The latest international research conducted over the last seven years and released in 2012 from Back to the Bible (via UCB) states:
“Connecting (engaging) with Scripture four or more times per week will challenge someone’s life!”
This research confirms everything that we at The Way Christian Ministries (TheWayCM) have believed for the past sixteen years – evangelism followed by discipleship works!

We are working with God’s Word and the Holy Spirit to make disciples out of Christians and God is raising up true followers of Jesus Christ who are making a tremendous difference for good to the people around them.
To progress, it is imperative that TheWayCM provides quality Holy Spirit inspired and scripturally sound resources to believers and non-believers wherever they are and by whatever means.
We at TheWayCM can do this by continuing to create cutting-edge discipleship courses and resources both offline, through books and documents, and online by broadcasting accurate and inspirational messages through radio, television, CDs , DVDs, Social Media and the internet.
However, we need your help to reach your family, friends and communities both home and abroad by telling them how to access TheWayCM resources so that they can connect with God.
Read – Watch – Listen:
Through your faithful prayers and financial support you have helped TheWayCM to grow and develop in our calling to make disciples out of Christians. We are now reaching into eleven nations, including the UK, impacting a combined number of Christian Disciples (Trainees) in excess of 50,000.
The hunger is huge and many leaders are calling out for us to establish a Training for Life Centre in their nation. We can only do this through your continuing support. Thank you for your commitment. Please open this file (it is virus checked and safe!): TheWayCM Donation Form - I Want to Help
God bless you and your family throughout this New Year.

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Amen.... Praise The Lord.