Saturday, 17 December 2011


My second book, ‘Who is McKenzie?’ is now available. To find out all about the books I have written, am working on and to read my free book, ‘New Age Deception’ please visit this site:

Over the recent years a strong creative element has emerged in the work of TheWayCM and now contemporary art work is an element that is growing. This is as it should be as ‘Creativity’ is one of the five elements in our Training for Life course (TFL):

You may remember that my personal history is one of being an artist and photographer. This year, in October 2012, I will be exhibiting my art work in Granada, Spain and from there the exhibition is expected to travel to other cities and countries.

The exhibitions will be multimedia ‘events’ and will provide me with a platform to glorify the Lord. My last exhibitions in Spain were some twenty years ago and were called ‘Journeys’. These new exhibitions will be called ‘Journeys 2’ and will follow, in the main, my spiritual and physical journey with the Lord over the past twenty years.

You will hear more about this in the months ahead, however, if you have any questions now, please contact me at:

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