Saturday, 27 August 2011

This Week’s Free Resources available NOW! August 20th 2011

Free Book - New Age Deception - by popular demand, Peter Stanway has re-written his booklet New Age Deception and it is now available here:
To read, share, download, embed and print New Age Deception use the symbols under the book cover image at this link:
This week’s Gist ‘Crisis to Blessings’:
‘McKenzie Hates Religion’:
McKenzie Podcast:
The Gist Podcast:
Rev Media Podcast:
Peter Stanway’s Blog:
Travel and Missions Blog:
French Podcast:
Urdu Podcast:
Peter Stanway’s Podcast:
News Update…. Read about Genevieve’s miracle and other exciting news:
For more resources visit:
Thank you.
Just Text Giving
Got your phone handy? Simply text TWCM40 to 70070 and you’ll get a text straight back, asking how much you want to give. You can give ANY amount between £1 to £10. Think a small gift like £1 won’t help? Not true - ALL gifts, great and small, make a difference to the work of The Way Christian Ministries why not grab your phone and give it a whirl! If you prefer to give online, you can here:

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