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McKenzie is Captured - The Fear of the Lord

McKenzie is Captured
Bubbles broke the surface then drifted away on the ebb tide as the weighted body sank silently out of sight to the Mediterranean Sea bed forty metres below. Back on the shore in La Carihuela, Miguel and his crew prepared their nets for a full night’s fishing….
McKenzie sat gagged and bound, tied to a chair on the deck of Don Pedro Dominguez’s luxury yacht, ‘La Dama de la Noche’. He had watched the whole scenario unfold. Paco, the Columbian Overseer, had walked into a trap and fifty kilos of pure cocaine had been seized by the Columbian authorities.
In the ensuing shoot-out, Paco had managed to escape with only minor injuries. Don Pedro made arrangements for his safe passage to Marbella in Southern Spain. After interrogation at the hands of his henchmen, Don Pedro ordered his execution. Paco’s lifeless body, suitably weighted to make it sink and stay sunk, was tossed overboard, naked and cut to attract and feed the sharks that lived in those clear blue waters.
McKenzie was a guest on ‘La Dama de la Noche’, on the invitation of Maria de las Flores who lured him into Don Pedro’s web. So far they had paid him very little attention, but McKenzie knew his time was coming.
Don Pedro’s captain set a course for the marina of Puerto Banus. As they docked, McKenzie was untied from his spectator’s chair and unceremoniously bundled into a cabin below deck. Still bound and gagged, he heard the door lock. They left him in a heap, face down on the Persian rug that smelled of camels, sand and Arabs.
Miguel sailed out from La Carihuela and set his course for familiar fishing grounds in deeper water. He hoped not to snag a shark in his nets as he trawled the waters for sardines…..
Proverbs 1:7…. The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline.
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The Fear of the Lord
Proverbs 1:7…. The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline.
This scripture does not recommend that we should be afraid of the Lord but rather we should be in awe of Him. We should respect the Lord and at the same time have a healthy dread of displeasing Him. With this attitude we will know Him and do what is right.
This knowledge, once attained, will develop into heavenly wisdom and Christ-like discipline. We would be fools not to pursue and attain such qualities. Heavenly wisdom is the Godly application of the knowledge that comes from knowing God.
Knowing God is having the intimate insights into God that come through our holy reverence and deep love for Him. The wisdom that comes out of this relationship is the manifestation of the character of Christ in us.
What a high and attainable goal. Thank you Jesus.
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