Saturday, 18 December 2010

McKenzie has an Encounter

McKenzie has an Encounter
McKenzie sat bolt upright his eyes as wide as organ-stops. He was completely conscious yet his dream continued in vivid technicolour. There, in front of him, was a man, an incredibly handsome man, who seemed to emanate a brilliant bright light. His shoulder length hair was illuminated to the ends making it look like there was a halo around his head.
The light, although powerful was not glary, it had a translucent effect that shimmered like a gossamer haze revealing the full spectrum of a magnificent rainbow arching around his unexpected visitor.
McKenzie felt elated; overwhelmed with joy. His guest’s face shone with a broad friendly smile full of perfect pearly-white teeth. His eyes creased with laughter-lines.
‘Peace be with you’, he said with a voice that sounded like a waterfall. A wash of peace, unlike anything McKenzie had ever felt, flooded over him.
‘I am your friend’. Instantly McKenzie felt his heart melt and absolute trust mixed with tremendous adulation gushed out of his innermost being. He had never felt such love for anyone or anything. McKenzie was transfixed.
‘I am with you always’ McKenzie heard as he watched his friend’s powerful arms open outwards. His gracious flowing movements created dark bands where they blocked his radiating light. A kaleidoscope of colours spilled over McKenzie’s upturned face. He knew that his new companion loved him enough to die for him. His heart beat so strongly that McKenzie thought it would burst. As he stared open-mouthed, his new best friend began to evaporate into the ethereal mist and to disappear into the atmosphere that was pregnant with his presence.
McKenzie continued to stare into the empty space that had been temporally filled by the most glorious being he had ever seen. His mind could make no sense of it, but inside – deep inside, he knew he need never fear anything ever again. The sound of silence enveloped him as he slowly lay back down; his heart was still thumping inside his chest.
‘Thank you’, he said out loud to his friend. McKenzie was so overwhelmed he thought he would explode with gratitude.
‘Thank you, McKenzie’, came the response, like a gentle whisper that carried him off into the most peaceful sleep he had ever known.
Matthew 28:20 says……“And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”
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