Sunday, 10 January 2010


Hebrews 1:14 …… Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?
With our minds still full of images of nativity angels and the Christmas card angels fluttering away for another year, it is as good a time as any to ask the question; are angels still around today?
Personally, I have heard some fantastic accounts of angelic visitations from people that I know and trust. However, my encounters with angels have been, on the most part, less flamboyant but none the less overwhelming.
The accompanying video with this Gist tells the story of a snow angel. Rather than repeat it I will tell you of another occasion, this time with an invisible angel.
Again, it was winter-time and I was rushing to catch a plane. After driving for fifteen minutes or so, my road was blocked by a fallen tree. The police told me to take another route but it was many miles of a diversion. I was going to be cutting it fine to reach the airport on time.
In my haste, I took a bend too quickly and the front near-side of my car hit a crash barrier. I felt the thud and I heard the sound of the headlight breaking. Despondent, I thought, “that is enough! Clearly I am not destined to go on this trip”.
I reversed into a small lane to turn around and go home but decided to inspect the damage to my car. When I looked there was no damage at all.
Immediately I knew that an angel had buffered my crash and God had mended the damage. I knew that it was the devil who was trying to stop me and I now knew that God was on my side.
I decided to carry on even although I was well delayed by all these shenanigans, or so I thought…..
If there had been no delays, it would have taken me an hour to reach the airport. Now, with the addition of another 20 miles detour plus stoppage time, well you can do the maths. When I reached the airport I looked at my watch and it was one hour since I had left home. My detour and delays had not added any extra time.
Are angels still around today? You bet they are!
Lord Jesus, thank you for despatching angels to look after us. Amen.

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