Thursday, 12 November 2009

News Update

Thank you
Your interest in our work is much appreciated.
Much has been happening with us recently, some of which you may be aware of and some of which you may not.
Therefore, at the risk of repeating myself, I would like to bring you up-to-date.
Firstly, we have created two new groups of Fans that are part of TheWayCM but have a strong brand and identity in their own right. Many of you have become fans of these 'pages' but we would like to ask you to invite some of your friends to become fans also.
Fans will receive direct messages like this one about very specific news that you will not find in other places and as our multimedia work progresses our Fans will be the first to be given opportunities to get involved with special events and to benefit from special offers.
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There have been some interesting new developments on the mission field....
News Update
Watch this video to catch-up on the latest news from TheWayCM:
The Way Christian Ministries Mission to India
Our mission to India has been postponed until early in the new year of 2010.
Praise God for His perfect timing and His perfect plan.
Whilst we are sincerely grateful to those of you who have already contributed we are still short of our target figure. Therefore, we are asking you to consider helping us raise the necessary funds for this mission.
This will be a pioneering and ground-breaking mission.
We want to put in place the technology required for setting-up the prototype for ‘virtual conferences’. We believe this will lead the way for Global Multimedia Interactive Conferencing that will connect the growing number of TheWayCM members around the world.
We will be able to feed and disciple them in a highly effective way.
Making Disciples
It is our purpose to make disciples out of Christians in fulfilment of the Great Commission and to do that we need to utilise the tools of the 21st century
Please watch this video for more information:
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