Sunday, 11 October 2009

Be Prepared

2 Timothy 4:2 ……. Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season…..
There is only one way to prepare ourselves to be ready ‘in season and out of season’ and that is to build a lifestyle that is centred on Jesus; a lifestyle that is Christocentric.
How do we do that? We need to practice His presence. From the mundane to the sublime Jesus is our constant companion. He told us that He will never leave us.
Once the revelation of this truly dawns upon us we will begin to practice His presence; talking with Him and Him talking with us, loving Him and receiving His love, simply being with Him as our best friend who, at the same time, is our saviour and the king of the whole universe. He is God. Wow! This is the privilege and the lifestyle of a Christian, a disciple of Jesus.
To help us to know Him better we want to read the bible, the word of God, which is all about Jesus, the Word of God made flesh. However, we do not read it to know Him only in our head, we read the bible to know Jesus in our heart. God the Holy Spirit helps us to do that.
The Holy Spirit inspired men to write the bible. That means He is the author. As Christians, born again and baptised in the Holy Spirit, the author brings the bible alive in our human spirit and, by revelation, we come to truly know Jesus.
By nurturing this relationship we come to know Him intimately. He is the lover of our soul and when we talk about Him to others they sense this amazing love. When we share our hearts with others they catch a glimpse of what they could also have if they become Christians.
Thank you Jesus, you poured out your love for everyone. Amen.

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