Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Comment from an Indian

The Situation in Mangalore continues to be Tense, with Churches being damaged and innocent people being injured by the attackof the Civil Forces. Fear is spread across the whole city, with the Bells of all the Churches tolling and the people crying out for Vengence and mercy at the Same time.
A few Questions that arise.

Why was this crime perpetuated in the first place?
Why is the Government acting as a mute spectator?
Why are churches still Damaged?
Why are women and Children hit by the police?
What right does the police have to enter a private Church compound and Cane the people involved in Prayer?

The Government however, continues to support the Bajrang Dal. In statement earlier, Mr. V S Acharya the Home Minister of the Government of Karnataka “Condemned the Attacks” and mentioned that Bajrang Dal was not involved in. I smell a foul game here, When Bajrang Dal themselves claimed responsibility How did the Home Minister know it was not them? It was our mistake of getting the BJP government into Power and now if they cant protect the people of the land they must GO! and there are no two things about it.

I urge upon all my fellow Indian brothers to continue to put in your feedback and comments and make and prayers too. At the end of it all….Even if the Courts and the Governments do not listen to us, the Lord will and his love will never fail…. Lets get together in prayer for our people and for those people who are hurting us. Lets pray that God bless their families and them.

However, for all that has happened I say this again and I say this boldly, This day I am ashamed of being an Indian. But on the other side I will continue to pray for the peace of this Land.

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