Friday, 4 July 2008

Day of Prayer for Zimbabwe, 4th July 2008

Following the statement by Robert Mugabe that "Only God can remove me", We are holding a day of prayer and fasting on Friday 4th July, to ask our God to do just that.

Please will you join with us in this day of prayer. If you feel able to, then please fast as well, (even for part of the day).

We are praying specifically for:

The removal of the current regime and for it to be replaced by a democratic government led by men of integrity.

For all Christians in Zimbabwe and specifically for a pastor and his wife who have phoned us from Zimbabwe asking for prayer - that God will set a hedge about them and protect them from harm. Also that they will have access to food, medical care and all other necessities.

That there will be an end to violence and bloodshed and that the
situation will be resolved without civil war

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Anonymous said...

will be joining you to pray and fasting for zimbabwe.