Tuesday, 4 December 2012

December 2012 Update

Nancy and I were able to visit Israel, Stephanie and Malachi in their new home. Israel starts his new Job as Youth Pastor at Cornerstone Church, Stourport-on-Severn. Malachi last weighed-in at 11lbs 9ozs (4.99kgs)!

Nancy and I, along with almost 600 other people attended the 20th Anniversary of The Scottish Liver Transplant Unit held at Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh, Scotland. We met old friends and made new ones over a great meal. My liver transplant was on April 7th 2000. Praise God....

Christopher Rosset, the son of André and brother of Cynthia had a terrible accident on November 5th when he fell from the fifth floor balcony of the school where he is the headmaster in Villefranche-sur-mer, Nice, France. They are the family who have been in negotiation (for over a year) to buy Kilcreggan House. At the end of November, André paid for Nancy and I to go over to pray for Christopher and to 
be a strength to the family. Please pray that Christopher will make a speedy and total recovery from his accident.

Art Exhibition
While in Nice, André introduced us to an art collector whose wife had been the muse for Andy Warhol (among others). He and André are interested in taking my art exhibition to France after it closes in Spain.

Old Trafford
Remember the Birkbeck family who organised the helicopter landing at Kilcreggan House for David’s 70th birthday? Since then we have become good friends and on Wednesday November 28th they invited Nancy and I to a sumptuous meal at their company’s (GBA Haulage) Directors Box at Old Trafford. What an amazing night we had – great food, brilliant company and terrific football.

On Thursday November 29th, Nancy and I took David and Gwen Birkbeck to tour UCB Studios and to meet some of their directors. We all had an amazing time enjoying the excellence that is UCB.

Aglow Men
I missed the last Aglow Men’s Breakfast held at Rugby Park Kilmarnock, Ayrshire. I won’t miss the next one at the same place on January 19th as I’m the main speaker! Details to follow...

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I am hearing people say, “Don’t buy me a Christmas gift this year instead make a donation of what you would spend to the charity of your choice.” I think that’s a great idea and in the charity options should include TheWayCM.... Thank you.

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