Monday 26 March 2012

Foreword for McKenzie's Companion

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Congratulations! What you hold in your hands is a potentially life changing tool written by one of the most gifted teachers currently in worldwide ministry. Let me explain….

As we read through and study McKenzie’s Companion/Who is McKenzie?, obvious and not so obvious character flaws are addressed as seen through McKenzie. While some books like to “study” the character itself, Stanway uses his character as a focal point to lead his readers into self-awareness. It is not good enough to see McKenzie’s flaws alone;
we must be aware of our own personal shortcomings and address those in order to see true spiritual growth.

While McKenzie the character is entertaining, there is a deeper truth to grasp through this series; without God, there is no order to our lives. Stanway accentuates this message by designing the covers to represent the disorder and chaos present when God is absent. Yet, even as a set, they are still distinguishable as individual books. While both books are designed in one user-friendly format, it makes for a perfect and convenient study series to be used on an individual or corporate level. 

It’s been a year now since I met Peter Stanway, and that meeting altered the course of my life forever. What I was introduced to is a passionate man with an unquenchable hunger to see the spiritually poor of the world come to know and embrace God’s truth. It became clear to me that Christianity is more than just a label to Stanway as he applies every ounce of spiritual stamina to share the good news about God’s love. Because teaching discipleship is a way of life already for Stanway, it is a natural reflection of his ministry to write a book of this substance. He believes in the message of hope, and what other word could fully embrace the revelation of this good news?      

If the concepts that are presented are not only contemplated but then put into action, McKenzie’s Companion/Who is McKenzie? becomes a life changing guide. When you consider that the author is gifted in discipleship and driven with a unique passion for his readers to know and live by truth, you understand why this book becomes one of the most accredited personal study tools available.         

As God clearly led Stanway to write a powerful spiritual guide that can implement change, may you, the reader, embrace the truth that without God there is disorder. Through God, however, all things have purpose, direction and yes, perfect symmetry.           

Mary Nichelson Editor, Journalist, Talk Show Host – Atlanta, Georgia USA

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